disaster body bag black with c-shaped zipper + 4 handles

Product no.: BGH6

Disaster Body Bag Black + C-shaped Zipper


Type:                      BGH6

Color:                      black

Dimensions:             100 x 120 cm (Width x Lenght)

Thickness:               200 micron

Load Capacity:          up to 70 kg

Details:                    4 punched (out) Handles

                               C-shaped Zipper (Envelope Style)

                               enables full length access to the bag

                               Zipper with two Pulls for Sealing

                               Side fold/ gusset (head and foot end)                              

Material:                   PE-Foil (Polyethylene),

                               Burns clean

Incl.:                        1 Pair of disposable gloves


Packaging:               sold individually

Availability:               in Stock

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