disinfectants - 1.000 ml

Product no.: HFD1000-P


hand and surface desinfectants

ready to use luiqid für hand, skin and surface desinfectants made of alcohol basis (Bio-Ethanol)


producer: PANODIS

bottle content: 1.000 ml

pieces per carton box: 12 bottles

price per bottle





Bio-Ethanol 96% (V/V) min. 75% Volumenanteil

hydrogen peroxide 3%   

glycerol 98%

min. 1,2% purified water



For a hand desinfectants pls moisten your hands completly and wait for min. 30 seconds.

For a surface desinfectants pls carefully moisten the surface and wait for min. 3 minutes.  



pls store the desinfectants on a clean and dry place at a temperature of -20°C til +25°C and at a maximun of air humidity of 80 %. 

pls transport the desinfectants only in original packaging!


shelf life:

The desinfectants has shelf life of 2 years in a closed bottel and at perfect storage conditiobns.

After opening bottle first time - please use up the open bottel within 6 month.

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