Protective Masks


MuHeSa offers protective masks in several types and models.

Since wearing a protective mask is mandatory in Germany, parts of the EU and worldwide these masks are a very important part of working and privat life. We offer various types of masks for medical work, school or privat use.


Which masks are available and what can you do with them:



Reduce with a surgical face mask the amount of droplets during breathing and speaking. Protect with a surgical face mask other persons and avoid a droplet infection.


These masks are filtering 80 percent of particles like dust, pollen and dirt in air. FFP1 masks are preferably used in building industry.


These masks are filtering 94 percent of particles like dust, pollen, dirt, fine particles, bacteria and virus. FFP2 masks are used in medical sector.


These masks are filtering 99 percent of particles from air. FFP3 masks are used by medical staff when they get in contact with highly infectious bacteria and virus.


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